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ALLEX program

日日夜夜撸Become a part of a network of talented and?international driven professionals

Will you be graduating soon or do you already have some professional experience? Do you have an international mindset and are eager to discover different parts of a worldwide company with clients in every part of the industry? Do you have ambition to grow your career and do you like to be challenged? Then you might be the candidate we are looking for! Choose to fast-track your career and join the ALLEX program!

Gain experience, discover our culture

The objective of the ALLEX program?– that stands for Air?Liquide Leading EXcellence?– is to give you a deep understanding of the Air Liquide group while developing you from the start of your career at Air Liquide.

As an ALLEX candidate you will become a part of a network of talented and?international driven professionals with a wide range of expertise areas. This network will support you as you grow within the ALLEX program and accelerate your career at Air Liquide.


日日夜夜撸 “ The ALLEX Program gave me first-hand experience of business realities. After that, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: a mix of in-plant operational and project management responsibilities. ”

Diane Ho 日日夜夜撸, Zone Engineer with project management responsibility for the Gulf Coast Pipeline in Pasadena, Texas

ALLEX Europe Industries

日日夜夜撸Structure of the program and how to apply.

日日夜夜撸In Europe, the structure of the ALLEX?program is the following:

日日夜夜撸You start in a first position in your local country. This is the position you will be working in during the ALLEX program. Starting positions can be in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance & Controlling, Engineering, Project Management, HR...

Besides your local onboarding, you will participate in a European onboarding with ALLEX candidates from other European countries. During the onboarding, presentations, site visits and teambuilding will give you a deeper insight of the Group and allow you to get to know your ALLEX-colleagues.

You will be given 2 international missions of 3 months. The first?mission will take place after one year, the second one after 2 years. You will work on a specific project that will allow you to discover another country and profession of Air Liquide and will extend your internal network.

Participation in trainings and regular feedback will?let you develop and grow stronger.

日日夜夜撸After the ALLEX program, you will be prepared for the next step in your career and a move to a new and challenging position within the Air Liquide Group.

How can you join the program?

If you want to be part of the ALLEX program, please consult our open vacancies or attend one of our events on universities and schools in your country. Alternatively, please send your CV and mention the country you are applying for to

ALLEX United States

Structure of the program and how to apply.

In the United States, the structure of the ALLEX program is the following:

The ALLEX program is an 18 month rotational program with 3 six-month rotations. Participants start in January and July.

  • You will have the opportunity to select your rotations, based on seniority, and can choose from business, operations and technical rotations
  • Rotations are available across the United States?so candidates must be mobile and willing to relocate
  • You will have the opportunity to apply to international rotations after your first rotation

At the start of the program, participants will attend a week long orientation in Houston that will include 1 day new hire orientation, safety training, and networking with executives as well as fellow ALLEX.

During the ALLEX program, participants will visit various entities to learn about the business. They will also attend ALLEX week that will provide professional development and will be evaluated after each rotation in order to develop and grow professionally.

The ALLEX program will prepare you for the next step in your career - a move to a new and challenging position within Air Liquide USA.

How can you join the program?

If you want to be part of the ALLEX program, please visit us at the career fair at your university. Alternatively, you can also send inquiries to

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