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Collège des
Ingénieurs MBA

日日夜夜撸Embark for a unique “action-learning” program

The “Collège des Ingénieurs” (CDI) offers management classes to engineering and science graduates from the world’s top universities with less than three years professional experience. It is your chance to develop new resources, build a strong network, obtain a prestigious MBA. For many this marks the beginning of a fulfilling career at Air Liquide.

Strong professional links with business

Back in 1987, Air Liquide and the “Collège des Ingénieurs” agreed on a close cooperation with the aim that Air Liquide can offer great career opportunities to CDI graduates.

日日夜夜撸The CDI is based on an integrated “action-learning” program. As a young professional paid by the CDI, you are in charge of a specific consulting mission within a partner company. As in-house CDI managers, you will fully exercise your business responsibilities and competences.

The program combines management classes with a consulting assignment during 10 months, as follows:

  • 800 hours are spent in class, study group or individual preparation
  • 1,000 hours for holding a consulting assignment

日日夜夜撸Two sessions per year: September-June and February-October

日日夜夜撸To learn more visit the?

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