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日日夜夜撸Rewarding performance

Your Total Remuneration package is based on your job, your responsibilities and your performance taking into account local market conditions, internal equity and applicable legislation.

Our total remuneration principles

To attract and retain top talent, we offer base salaries slightly above market, combined with benefits packages which are well above market. Together, we believe this constitutes a highly competitive total remuneration designed to attract and retain the talents the Group needs.

To this end, we:

  • Establish a base salary through reliable and independent market benchmarks of equivalent or similar jobs in terms of responsibility within each country of operation
  • Adjust salary budgets according to what is set by each local management team, and then implement base salary adjustments according to individual performance and market movement
  • Review our benefits structure on a regular basis to ensure that we remain competitive
Among other benefits, we offer a positive work environment and personal development opportunities.

Our benefits packages

Our benefits packages are highly competitive and may include:

  • Medical, retirement, and other benefits plans that are country specific
  • Short-term incentives, or variable pay, set locally to reward performance. These incentives are usually rewarded according to the Group’s overall performance, the local entity’s results and individual performance. Our goal is to reward collective and individual performance and thereby promote cooperation and a sense of ownership for global results
  • Long-term incentives such as stock options. Eligibility for these options is managed at the Group level
  • Profit sharing, a method of remuneration used in some countries, resulting from company initiatives or following local market or legal requirements
  • Air Liquide stock, ownership of which can be provided through Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs). At end 2016, 2.4% of Air Liquide’s capital is held by past and present employees,?of which 1.5% (within the meaning of article L. 225-102 of the French Code of Commerce) corresponds to shares subscribed by employees during employee reserved capital increase operations or held through mutual funds
  • A positive work environment to support well-being for all our employees
  • Personal development opportunities for our employees to cultivate their skills and capabilities (besides we expect our employees to change jobs every three to five years depending on performance and mobility)
  • Childcare options depending on country
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