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Ethics and safety

Two fundamental values at Air Liquide

日日夜夜撸At Air Liquide, ethical and safe behaviour are non-negotiable. To join and grow at Air Liquide, you will be expected to share this strong belief.

Ethics relies on two pillars: integrity and transparency

We attach extreme importance to integrity and transparency. Integrity refers to the honesty and impartiality we expect from all our people in their decisions and actions. Transparency means sincerity and openness.

We are all committed to our code of conduct and we will expect you to endorse it. For example, you must inform your line manager in the event of any potential conflict of interest, refuse inappropriate gifts and favors from external partners, protect the company’s assets and not use them for personal purposes, and to report information in a clear and reliable manner.

To ensure that we share the same understanding Group-wide, various trainings are provided.? Some are focused on simply conveying information and checking for understanding, others open space for discussion and sharing experiences.

Between 2010 and 2017 the lost time accident frequency rate for Air Liquide group employees has decreased by 21%

Targeting “zero accidents”

We fully recognize that we operate in a potentially hazardous physical environment. With more than 110 years of experience of working in the industry, we have had ample opportunity to learn about the inherent dangers of handling chemicals. Our people are our most valuable asset. Our most earnest wish is that each and every individual who arrives at one of our plants, offices or sites at the start of the day will return home, safe and sound.

No compromise is acceptable when it comes to our safety rules and accident prevention policy. None. Our target is “zero accidents”. Our frequency rate and severity rate continue to decrease year-by-year, and in the seven-year period between 2010 and 2017 the accident frequency rate for Air Liquide employees has decreased by 21%. Still, safety is not a matter of statistics, but of people, their health and their lives. We are proud that all our efforts in recent years to enforce the most stringent possible safety practices are paying off.

If you want a fulfilling and rewarding career in an industry and services with a solid past and an exciting future, our tried and trusted practices and procedures are designed with one goal in mind: to keep you safe. At the end of the day, that’s what counts most.

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