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Engaged people for sustainable performance

Through the passion and diversity of its people, Air Liquide leverages energy and environment transition, changes in healthcare and digitization, and delivers greater value to all its stakeholders.

日日夜夜撸 Join us for a stimulating experience: you’ll find a world of learning and development opportunities where inventiveness is at the heart of what we do, in an open, collaborative and respectful environment.

What if you choose to join us?

Your future job: making life sparkle

By adding bubbles to your beverages, we amaze your tastebuds everyday through our extensive knowledge of the small essential molecules.

What if you choose to make life sparkle with us?

Your future job: design small, think big

日日夜夜撸By imagining innovative nanoscale solutions for the electronics market, our teams are fast forwarding the digital revolution and transforming everyday life: smartphones, connected objects, virtual reality...

What if you choose to think big with us?

Your future job: breathe life into healthcare

With innovative and competitive products and services in the hospital or at home, our teams work to improve patients' quality of life.

What if you choose to breathe life into healthcare with us?

Your future job: reinvent the industry

Connected objects, augmented reality, big data... Our teams use digital technologies to build the plant of the future and better meet our customers' needs.

What if you choose to reinvent the industry with us?

Your future job: drive the energy of tomorrow

日日夜夜撸By developing hydrogen energy, we are contributing to a more sustainable world through cleaner transportation.

What if you choose to drive the energy of tomorrow with us?

Your future job: bring innovation to life

日日夜夜撸Our connected innovation ecosystems help us design and develop technological solutions reflecting the changing needs of our customers and patients.

What if you choose to bring innovation to life with us?

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