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日日夜夜撸Thanks to its long-term vision, Air Liquide provides innovative solutions to the semi-conductor, flat panel and photovoltaic markets, leveraging its expertise, global infrastructure and strategic proximity to manufacturers. Its products and services respond to increasingly challenging customer demands for improved mobility, connectivity, computing power and energy consumption. Technological progress is constant and a growth driver for industrial gases.

€1,755 M

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of 2018 Gas & Services revenue


The Electronics business model is primarily based on long-term carrier gas supply agreements with the necessity for continuous technological innovations to satisfy the needs of the major industrial players by designing new advanced materials also called precursors.

Air Liquide’s Electronics business is based near its customers, including 72% in Asia, 21% in the Americas and 7% in Europe.


The Group’s Electronics activity covers four different activities: carrier gases with a business model based on long-term contracts including minimum volumes guaranteed by take-or-pay type clauses; electronic materials with a high level of technical expertise; Equipment & Installation sales which are correlated to the growth of semi-conductor plants; services. In a growing electronics sector, the mix of business specific to Air Liquide with its long-term contracts, offers a true competitive advantage.

Air Liquide is the preferred partner of semiconductor, flat screen, and solar cell manufacturers.
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