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Global Markets & Technologies

日日夜夜撸The Global Markets & Technologies (GM&T) business delivers technological solutions (molecules, equipment and services) to support the new markets of energy transition, maritime logistics and deep tech, in order to accelerate Air Liquide’s sustainable growth.


revenue in 2018

€460 M

order intake in 2018

Supporting new markets

To support the energy transition日日夜夜撸, the GM&T business brings environmentally-friendly solutions to the clean energy market with hydrogen energy and bio Vehicle Natural Gas (bio-NGV), refrigerated transport using nitrogen, but also the treatment and injection of biomethane into the local domestic energy grid as a power source.

As a player in the deep tech sector日日夜夜撸, GM&T commercializes technologies dedicated to Space, Aerospace and scientific exploration. GM&T also supplies gases for players in the maritime sector and provides logistics and cryogenic transportation solutions, particularly by sea, for value added molecules such as helium.

Air Liquide masters the entire hydrogen supply chain日日夜夜撸, from production to storage, and from distribution to the development of applications for end users, thus contributing to the wider use of hydrogen as a clean energy source, notably for mobility. At end-2018, the Group has designed and installed 120 hydrogen stations worldwide and invests in the production of carbon-free hydrogen.

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