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Industrial Merchant

日日夜夜撸The Industrial Merchant business line serves a wide range of markets and customers – craftsmen, SMEs, large multinational industrial groups – offering comprehensive gas solutions for the implementation and optimization of their industrial processes.


日日夜夜撸 revenue in 2018


of 2018 Gas & Services revenue


日日夜夜撸Supported by a global network of business experts and extensive geographical coverage, Air Liquide provides more than two million customers with innovative solutions including industrial gases, welding equipment, application and safety equipment and related services.

The Industrial Merchant activity serves five primary markets:

  • Materials and Energy
  • Automotive and Manufacturing
  • Food and Pharmaceuticals
  • Technology and Research
  • Professionals and Retail

日日夜夜撸Industrial Merchant sells packaged gases (high-pressure gas cylinders) through multiple channels to cover all customer needs: over the phone, e-commerce and/or via its distribution network. Cylinders can be delivered directly to the customers’ doors or picked up through the distribution network with optimized inventory management based on cylinder traceability. Air Liquide’s expertise in customer processes is always offered.


Industrial Merchant is characterized by a wide range of customers, markets, applications, and solutions and services. The contract terms can be up to five years for cylinders and liquid gas supply and up to 15 years for small on-site gas generators. Revenue comes from the sale of gas and related services. It is a business based on expertise and services with a high technology and innovation content, extremely local, with dense geographic coverage as a key factor. The competitive environment can vary between areas. Innovation with regards to markets, products and applications is a major growth driver. Business growth is generally dependent on local industrial production growth trends.

Looking ahead with Industrial Merchant

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