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Sustainable developement


Being engaged in an active dialogue with all stakeholders

For Air Liquide, dialogue with stakeholders is a strategic objective announced in the NEOS corporate program. Therefore, Air Liquide takes into account their issues, identifies priority development areas and shares with these stakeholders its ambition to contribute to sustainability.

Air Liquide's stakeholders

Group employees

日日夜夜撸Air Liquide brings together 66,000 men and women of more than 150 nationalities, in 80 countries, who form multi-cultural teams with a host of skills. The Group strives to promote this diversity, encourage innovation and the commitment of employees, to meet customers’ expectations and guarantee its long-term performance.

日日夜夜撸The Group has set itself the following human resources objectives for 2025 :

  • 35% of women among managers and professionals in the Group’s employees
  • 33% of recruitment of young graduates

Customers and patients

3.6 million customers and patients currently place their trust in Air Liquide. They are all living in changing environments. Energy transition, health-related changes (an aging population, more sedentary lifestyles, urbanization) as well as digital transformation are all sources of new usages and new challenges. Moreover, the industrial offering is gradually shifting towards the end user and is therefore transforming the traditional value chain.

Shareholders and investors

日日夜夜撸For more than a century, the Group has fostered a close relationship with its shareholders, who are institutional investors and individuals. They are an integral part of its culture. Air Liquide’s individual shareholders have supported the Group since its creation and still represent 32% of its share capital. They support the Group’s growth through their loyalty, which allows Air Liquide to implement a long-term profitable growth strategy, based in particular on projects and long-term investments. Air Liquide attaches great importance to its relationship with its individual shareholders and institutional investors and maintains regular and high-quality dialog within them in a transparent manner.


With its suppliers日日夜夜撸, Air Liquide is committed to building balanced relationships based on mutual trust and mutual benefit. The Group guarantees a high level of safety, reliability, competitiveness and innovation among its suppliers, while ensuring the respect of ethics and sustainable development through its sustainable procurement policy.

Local communities

The Group implements social measures in favor of the communities in the regions in which it operates, in partnership with its employees and its sites. These can be social entrepreneurial projects or projects led by the Air Liquide Foundation日日夜夜撸, for which the means have been increased (5 million euros over 5 years). They highlight Air Liquide’s commitment to being a responsible company. Furthermore, it is as part of this objective that Air Liquide is developing new forms of initiatives: “Inclusive Business” which sets up activities with a two-fold objective: the social impact of working with those at the bottom of the social pyramid to integrate them within our value chain and the economic viability to cement these initiatives over the long term.

Public sphere

Concerning its relationships in the public sphere, Air Liquide leads initiatives on an international level.

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