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Working with public authorities

Air Liquide work with the public authorities of each country in which it does business in a constructive and transparent manner, following ethical rules and applying political neutrality. All the Group’s actions respect the official lobbying regulations in force in the countries in which it is present.

Our Public Affairs policy

Air Liquide has formalized a Public Affairs policy governing the Group’s interactions with the national, regional and international public spheres to develop growth opportunities, reduce risks relating to regulatory changes, and involve Air Liquide in public debate.

All the Group’s actions respect the official lobbying regulations in force in the countries in which it is present. Air Liquide is therefore listed in the “Transparency Register” of European institutions and in France in the “Interest Representatives” register which was created in 2017 and is managed by the High Authority of Transparency in Public Life (Haute Autorité pour la Transparence de la Vie Publique – HATVP).

Managers specializing in Public Affairs have been appointed in the principal countries, comprising a network of around 20 people worldwide, coordinated by the European and International Affairs Division.

日日夜夜撸The tasks of these managers are to follow public initiatives that may have an impact on the Group and to interact with the public authorities to defend or promote Air Liquide’s interests.

Key priorities

Public affairs cover all the Group’s activities. The priorities in this area form part of a long-term process:

  • Energy transition and the environment with the boom in alternative energies (hydrogen energy, biogases, photovoltaic, wind turbines, etc.), their applications in particular in terms of mobility and energy efficiency
  • The competitiveness of companies at the worldwide level
  • The carbon market with changes in European regulations and the development of regional markets in North America and Asia Pacific
  • The defense of Air Liquide’s shareholding model
  • Tthe defense of intellectual property and the launch of the European unitary patent and of the Unified Patent Court
  • Air quality as a key public health challenge


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