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Changing care. With you.

日日夜夜撸 In over 35 countries, our 16,500 nurses, researchers, technicians, engineers, doctors and data scientists engage alongside patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals. Helping people to cope better living with their disease, making the care pathway and follow-up of treatments more efficient.

As a major world player in home healthcare, an expert in chronic disease follow up at home, and supplier of medical gases and hygiene products to hospitals, we strive to build an efficient and virtuous healthcare system for all.?

By anticipating and supporting the new needs healthcare professionals have and patients' new lifestyles. By combining our therapeutic, digital, organisational and human expertise. By proposing a new approach to healthcare that is interdisciplinary, collective and connected.


Preserve quality of life for patients, at home

日日夜夜撸Because chronic disease lasts, it requires the patient to learn how to live with it, permanently. Maintaining their independence and quality of life, and that of the people around them, is an everyday challenge. How can we balance disease management with daily routine in the simplest way possible? By giving back to the patient their true place —as the main actor in their own treatment and care pathway. Because a better understanding of treatment encourages its success. To achieve this, the support we offer is personalised, adapted to the specific needs of each individual. At Air?Liquide?Healthcare, we accompany the patient at home with an approach that is at once human, expert and technological. To give back to each patient the means to live as normally as possible thanks to treatments that are better understood, better followed and therefore a better experience.?

“Simplifying everyday life for the patient and those close to them, giving them more independence, that’s what living better with chronic disease is about.”


Support the hospital evolution

While demand for care is increasing around the world, health needs are changing, and so too is the hospital itself. Welcoming patients in ever greater numbers, reducing costs without reducing quality of care, becoming part of a care network while remaining the place of reference, or rethinking hospitalisation around an overall pathway; these are just some of the fundamental challenges in defining the future of the hospital. Even without considering the opportunities presented by leaps in digital and technology, the evolution underway is substantial. We are there alongside hospitals and healthcare professionals to support these transformations and to help them take care of patients with strict adherence to standards for safety, reliability and therapeutic effectiveness.

“Enabling the hospital to confront its challenges to prepare for the future while responding to a growing number of patients.”


Improve care and understanding of disease thanks to e-health?

日日夜夜撸Data and the digital world are profoundly changing medicine and patient support. Thanks to data, we can continuously assess how the patient is experiencing their treatment and prevent the risk of complications as early as possible. The digital world allows us to accompany patients remotely, at home, with the comfort and medical supervision they expect. Combined with our human approach, digital technology offers the tools to reinvent the relationship between patients and doctors, thanks to ongoing personalised contact throughout the monitoring period. More broadly, they streamline exchanges between all the players in the care pathway, which is a crucial driver to ensure better patient care.

“Combined with a human approach, e-health opens up precious opportunities to reinvent the relationship with patients and prevent the risk of complications.”


Anticipate the needs of patients and healthcare professionals

日日夜夜撸Day after day, we develop solutions to move healthcare forward through medical, organisational and digital innovations. Tirelessly exploring the potential of our molecules to find new therapeutic indications. Developing new care models in partnership with healthcare providers. Helping to simplify the work of healthcare professionals using digital tools. Personalising our support more and more by merging knowledge of patients with leveraging data. All this is already a work in progress, with one imperative: to create value for the patient, the healthcare professional, and the healthcare system as a whole.

“Our challenge? Being able to innovate on all fronts: medical, technological as well as organisational.”


Build a healthcare system that’s efficient and virtuous for everyone?

日日夜夜撸All over the world, healthcare systems are facing the question of their own sustainability. Controlling healthcare’s costs—both direct and indirect—is a core challenge. Changing care also means creating the conditions for a new kind of therapeutic and economic efficiency. We are convinced that better coordination between the various healthcare players, with better sharing of responsibilities and information, is of decisive importance. So that all along the care pathway, everyone can benefit from an overall view of the patient’s needs and be able to support them at the right level and at the right time. We also believe in engaging on the issues of patients adhering to their treatment, a topic at the heart of cost control. We’re pushing for an overall approach, involving remuneration according to the result and value created for the patient as well as economies generated for the healthcare system. In this way we can give rise to a genuinely virtuous circle between patients, healthcare professionals and society as a whole.

“Create the conditions for real therapeutic and economic efficiency.”


Changing care. With you.?

Because there are more of us. Because we live longer. Because today, diseases last. Because health has a cost. We think we need to change the way we care.

Change begins with you, the patients. Putting you back at the heart of the healthcare agenda, this is the challenge of our time. By being closer, better listeners, more connected- to your needs, to your daily life and to those who help you, family and close ones. By giving everyone the means to better engage and be an actor of their own health, to understand and live with their disease.

Change is only possible with you and for you, the healthcare professionals, hospitals, institutions, and other public and private healthcare players. Because it’s through better sharing of information and responsibilities, that we will be able to better coordinate ourselves around patients and to support change in the hospital. So we can give everyone the guarantee of being well cared for, no matter where, whether in hospital, a healthcare centre or at home.

日日夜夜撸For a health system that is more efficient and more virtuous for all. With the means to take care of everyone, for the long run.

Tomorrow, healthcare is all about you, and us by your side.

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