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Co-innovation approach

An example of public-private partnership

Air?Liquide Healthcare teams up with Annecy Genevois Hospital Center to innovate in cardiac arrest management.

A public-private partnership

日日夜夜撸In its drive for innovation, Air?Liquide Healthcare works with an array of public and private science and technology organizations. Air?Liquide Healthcare’s specialist medical equipment subsidiary has joined forces with Annecy Genevois Hospital Center (CHANGE) to develop a ventilator for use during transportation by the emergency services.

Annecy Genevois Hospital Center was chosen as a partner because of its emergency teams' great expertise in operating in harsh environments, particularly mountain rescue.


日日夜夜撸 “This cooperative approach clearly illustrates Annecy Genevois hospital’s commitment to supporting medical innovation, and highlights our role as a key partner for healthcare and biotech companies on R&D projects, both regionally and at a national level.”

Nicolas Best 日日夜夜撸, CEO of Annecy Genevois Hospital Center

The stake of cardiac arrest management

Ventilation during the treatment of cardiac arrest constitutes a major public health issue, with 50,000?people dying prematurely from cardiac arrest every year, and the survival rate without sequelae at under 5%*日日夜夜撸. Existing equipment was not tackling the problem adequately, so this partnership allowed Air?Liquide Healthcare and Annecy Genevois Hospital Center to develop an effective solution.

* 5% survival rate without sequelae after cardiac arrest. Figure supplied by the French social security system


“Our collaboration with Air Liquide Healthcare took place in the midst of our daily A&E activities.”

Dr. Dominique Savary 日日夜夜撸, Head of the Accident & Emergency Department at Annecy Genevois Hospital Center

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日日夜夜撸“We wanted an innovative solution that fits the reality of emergency situations, and our focus while working with the Air?Liquide Healthcare team was on simplicity.”


Meeting the needs of practitioners

The hospital team shared its clinical expertise and practical experience of treating cardiac arrest in the field, while Air?Liquide Healthcare brought their technological know-how to the table, based on an analysis of healthcare practitioners’ needs.


“By engaging in this kind of open innovation partnership, Air Liquide Healthcare is bringing effective and practical solutions that help caregivers in the field provide better treatment, thereby supporting its overall goal – to protect vulnerable lives.”

Olivier Petit , Director of global development at Air?Liquide Healthcare

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