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Healthcare specialty ingredients

日日夜夜撸A unique combination of expertise

日日夜夜撸As a subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare, SEPPIC designs and supplies innovative healthcare specialty ingredients, including excipients and actives for the vaccine, pharmaceutical, nutrition and cosmetics markets for over 60 years.

A leader in a variety of product lines, SEPPIC combines a unique blend of scientific expertise in the field of chemistry and formulation, biology, biotechnology, immunology and the development of natural products. These advantages have enabled SEPPIC to become a supplier of choice in the health and well-being markets.

Vaccine adjuvants

SEPPIC is a global leader in the veterinary vaccine adjuvants market and a key partner in the development of human immunotherapy.With a huge range of ready-to-use vaccine adjuvants, we help improve the efficacy, safety and stability of vaccines that help protect human lives. In this way, we contribute to the prevention of pandemics. For example, according to the , 60% of infectious animal diseases can be transmitted to humans.?

Pharmaceutical excipients

SEPPIC is an acknowledged expert in functional coating systems for the pharmaceutical industry.?Our ingredients are manufactured to meet the same?strict standards?as pharmaceutical products and comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Skincare products represent the largest and most dynamic segment of the well-being market.?SEPPIC?leads this field thanks to its comprehensive?range of performance thickeners,?stabilizers,?green emulsifiers?and?substantiated actives日日夜夜撸. In particular, we keep up with the latest cosmetic trends by focusing on using plant-based raw materials and keeping a close eye on the environmental impact of production sites.

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