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日日夜夜撸Because the elimination of hospital-acquired infections is a major public health issue, prevention is primordial. As a European leader in hospital disinfection, Air Liquide Healthcare helps fight infections and pandemics using a broad range of products. We are fully involved in enhancing the safety of both patients and healthcare personnel.

A vast array of products

Our hygiene products are used by healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics and private surgeries (dentists, GPs, etc.) as well as by patients themselves.

We supply skin disinfectants for the pre-surgical preparation of patients, antiseptics and other products for the healing of woundswound treatment.

Then, we are active in operating theatres and patient bedrooms but also in the processing of medical instruments and medical personnel hand hygiene. Thanks to our medical hygiene activity, we provide solutions and sterile disinfectants for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and biotechnology industries to ensure the cleanliness of the manufacturing process.


日日夜夜撸 “Nosocomial infections are a major public health challenge, often caused by multi-resistant bacterial pathogens.”

Prof. Reinier Mutters 日日夜夜撸, Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Marburg, Germany

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A single hospital-acquired infection means increasing distress and risks for the patient and additional costs for the community, about €6,000 to €10,000 per case.?With no significant commitment to antibiotic development in this environment, infection control and prevention are, in my eyes, of the highest importance to fight the problem.

Adequate disinfection is essential to prevent transmission of microorganisms. Air Liquide Healthcare is well placed to address this public health challenge through its therapeutic and preventive products as well as its professional training and research.


Comfort and respect for the environment at the core of our development

We have the advantage of more than 130 years of expertise, thanks to , our dedicated brand for hygiene.

Every year, our research laboratories perfect formulations and new applications. As a key aspect of our activity in the hygiene sector, we emphasize the design of products that are ever more respectful of the environment and provide true comfort and convenience for the practitioner and the patient.

We make sure that our products provide true comfort and convenience for the practitioner and the patient.
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