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Anticipating needs

Innovation at Air?Liquide Healthcare is based on our R&D strategy. We are developing new products and services in anticipation of needs, and to ensure the care pathway continuum.





Medical gases

日日夜夜撸Our interdisciplinary approach to Research and Development brings together biologists, respiratory physicians, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, pain management experts and engineers.

日日夜夜撸Through our respiratory physics & pre-clinical programs and clinical trials, we evaluate the potential of medical gases and demonstrate the efficacy, safety and benefits of gaseous drugs in new indications. We are conducting international clinical trials in anesthesia, respiratory therapies and analgesia.

We partner with several international research centers of excellence such as (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA), (Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière, France), , (France) or (Belgium) to explore therapeutic gases potential.

Air?Liquide Heathcare serves over 7,500?hospitals and clinics.

Home healthcare

We develop, evaluate and integrate services and offers based on drugs日日夜夜撸 (therapeutic gases or molecules) and new technologies such as medical devices and telemonitoring.

We create patient support programs with medical experts to enhance patient’s compliance to long term treatment and quality of life.

We contribute to therapeutic practices evaluation by performing observational and medico-economic studies on long-term oxygen therapy, CPAP therapy, ventilation therapy, insulin and apomorphin pumps and other perfusion therapy. By demonstrating the cost effectiveness of our solutions we contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems and improving the patient care pathways.

Medical devices

Through , our expert division for medical devices, we are particularly attentive to technological advances and we develop medical equipments essential to patients and customers in hospitals and at home.

日日夜夜撸To this end, we gather researchers who are experts in multiple fields:

  • Management of high pressure gases
  • Regulation of ventilators used by patients with chronic or acute respiratory failure
  • Software applications
  • Easy-to-use interfaces and embedded software
  • Patient interfaces and ventilation masks
  • Mechanics and design
  • Electronics

We have core competences in the integration of complex systems and management of projects. Continuous innovation contributes to propose technological solutions and service offers that improve patient’s daily comfort, and provide simple use. Each product is developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals, to meet patients’ and customers’ needs and evolutions of the healthcare environment.


Our researchers are committed to improving responses to infections caused by harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our anti-infection expertise addresses nosocomial diseases and dangerous infectious outbreaks in the hospital environment. We develop and reformulate products to meet constantly evolving requirements of the regulatory environment.

We make sure that our products provide true comfort and convenience for the practitioner and the patient.

Healthcare specialty ingredients

With over 175?patented inventions currently active, we are stepping up our innovation efforts in the fields of polymers, emulsifiers and active ingredients.

Our researchers seek tomorrow’s healthcare specialty ingredients and are committed to developing green products and solutions, including clean, solvent-free methods of synthesis.


“Working in collaboration with physicians as well as marketing and operational teams is challenging but very fruitful.”

Marine Pichelin , Exploratory Research Medical R&D – Air Liquide Healthcare – International Expert in Fluid Dynamics and Respiratory Physics at Paris Innovation Campus, France

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During my PhD studies, I worked on the modeling of gas flows within the rocket motors of the European launcher Ariane 5, using computer simulation.?Now, I use the same type of highly sophisticated numerical tools in the medical research field. For instance, we recently simulated in 3D a hospital emergency room wherein a nurse administrates a gas mixture to a child for pain relief. With this numerical technique, odorless and colorless gases can be visually represented and quantitatively analyzed, thus assessing the occupational exposure level of healthcare professionals during medical gases administration.

日日夜夜撸Working in collaboration with physicians as well as marketing and operational teams is challenging but very fruitful and, I believe, absolutely essential for a better understanding of the whole process, from research activity to real life. I am proud to be part of such gratifying endeavor.


Creative: all together for the continuum of care

日日夜夜撸We strongly believe the continuum of care needs everyone’s engagement.

Therefore, we’ve established the Creative Research Fund by Air?Liquide Healthcare program to support Investigator’s creativity that can advance research and expand our knowledge.

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