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Bringing hygiene and respect of the product

With strict regulations and constantly evolving consumer behavior, the beverage market is structured around three central challenges. Most importantly, food safety must be guaranteed, but the quality of taste and nutritional benefit must also be assured. Finally innovation is used as the lever for company differentiation thus responding to consumer demand for new products.

Thirty years of industry expertise

The major actors in the global food industry have put their trust in Air Liquide for more than 30 years. Our industry expertise is widely recognized, as is our ability to work within the regulatory framework and provide our customers with long-term support. The Group has led by example, using its exacting and certificated industrial management system to anticipate new health regulations on food grade gases. Air Liquide’s offer even exceeds today's required norms.

Protecting beverage taste, color and texture

Our solutions directly improve beverage quality and shelf life without compromising their taste, color or texture. Supported by our global network of experts, our sales teams help customers to launch increasingly innovative products that are tastier and healthier at optimum cost.

The major actors in the global food industry have put their trust in Air Liquide for more than 30 years.

An offer tailored to the market requirements

We offer a range of food grade gases. As the industry benchmark, our ALIGAL? products meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards for production and logistics of all gases related to the agri-food industry. HACCP is a system which identifies, evaluates and controls hazards which are significant to food safety. ALIGAL? goes above and beyond required criteria in adhering to strict specifications in addition to offering ensured traceability along the manufacturing cycle. It comes with a traceable identification number.

Carbonated drinks

The bubbles in sparkling beverages come from the carbonation process: a physics process consists in solubilizing carbon dioxide into a liquid. As an ingredient in its own right, our ALIGAL DRINK? carbon dioxide meets all the quality and traceability requirements set by leading multinationals, thanks to the FSSC 22000 certification program that covers all our carbon dioxide production facilities.

Still drinks

日日夜夜撸Control of oxidation is an essential part of still drinks production. Our dissolved oxygen management solutions enable nitrogen to be injected at different stages of the production process to conserve the quality of drinks, especially their vitamin content.

Wines and spirits

Air?Liquide solutions meet the needs of every stage in the wine making process. Our gases are used to protect grapes, control the temperatures and concentration of dissolved gases, prevent the risk of oxidation at the bottling stage and reduce sulfite content.

Craft beers?

Air?Liquide helps craft brewers maximize productivity and reduce downtime with more effective gas and equipment supply chain and inventory management, simplified gas system maintenance, and expert safety solutions all backed with uncompromising customer support. Craft brewers rely on our expertise and innovative solutions as well as supply of food and beverage grade carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon.

Nitro coffee

Air?Liquide is now providing food grade nitrogen systems and services to the coffee bars around the world to deliver a rich and creamy nitro coffee on tap. ?


Food : healthier, safer and tastier!

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