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Securing product quality and safety

Chemicals companies face macroeconomic cost pressures that stem from market volatility, competition, and chemical commodities price fluctuations. Even so, they constantly strive to reduce their environmental footprint and meet stringent regulations, while creating innovative products and developing biochemistry alternatives. At the microeconomic level, their production sites are driven by concerns for safety, products integrity and process flexibility.


steam methane reformers worldwide

9,400 km

of pipeline servicing our customers


air separation units worldwide

Gas and energy solutions that meet client needs

Air?Liquide produces air gases, hydrogen and carbon monoxide through proprietary state-of-the-art technologies for the chemicals industry. We are the ideal partner for bringing projects to fruition and for developing customized gas and energy solutions that respond to customer needs.

We have the technological prowess and in-house engineering resources needed to deliver industrial gases at competitive prices. Moreover, our knowledge of the chemicals industry and our expertise in applications – such asblanketing日日夜夜撸 –?ideally position us to help our customers optimize their processes.

Our Industrial Management System (IMS) lies at the core of our offer. We implement IMS in all our operations to mitigate risks and increase reliability and safety.

A wide range of solutions for the chemicals industry

日日夜夜撸Our industrial gases - such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide - are essential molecules, required as reaction agents for various process steps in the chemical production chain. Nitrogen, used for inerting, purging, cooling, and other specific applications, is also a key component of our offer.

A network of experts capable of calculating inert gas requirements and modeling gas flows

Our extensive assortment of nitrogen blanketing solutions to create inert atmospheres during the production, storage, and transportation of flammable products ensures reliable safety management for our customers. To further provide for the needs of our customers, Air Liquide offers a network of experts capable of calculating inert gas requirements and modeling gas flows.

We can also deliver steam and power for utilities, specialty gases for research centers and for analytical control.

Focus on

Air Liquide’s onsite infrastructure portfolio

We have the capacity to invest, design, build and operate plants for petrochemical and chemical companies.

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Air separation units (ASUs)日日夜夜撸 compress, liquefy and distill air to separate it into its various components: nitrogen, oxygen, and rare gases (argon, neon, krypton and xenon).

Steam methane reformers (SMR) produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide through steam reforming. Hydrogen is typically used in the oil- refining process for hydrodesulphurization and to convert heavy crude oil into cleaner burning transportation fuels.

Both ASUs and SMRs are designed and built using the Group’s latest technologies, providing both high reliability and energy efficiencies.

Cogeneration consists of simultaneously and efficiently producing electricity and steam, generally by consuming natural gas and water. The electricity is typically supplied to the local network while the steam is required for certain industrial processes. Cogeneration is an environmentally virtuous process, since it avoids energy losses by harnessing the heat emitted during electricity production to produce steam.


Increasing Reliability and Efficiency for Petrochemical Companies

日日夜夜撸Petrochemicals are substances obtained from the refining and processing of petroleum and natural gases. They require inert atmospheres for transportation and storage.

Our expertise in the reliable and energy efficient supply of industrial gases日日夜夜撸 via pipeline or on-site units allows our customers to concentrate their capital and human resources on their core business.

Protecting the active substances in the fine chemicals market

As the principal active ingredients in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and research, fine chemicals are prepared to an extremely high degree of purity. They are sensitive to humidity and/or oxygen and thus need to be blanketed with nitrogen during manufacturing and packaging.

日日夜夜撸Air?Liquide provides gas solutions for inerting, reactor cooling, and pH control. We are able to deliver our full services, from gases to equipment, for exceptional or specific inerting actions such as maintenance or turnarounds.

Research and quality control

Our customers involved in research, testing, and measurement can rely on our high level of expertise, which is on a par with their own. They look for our teams to be proactive in anticipating their needs and developing innovative, smart solutions tailored to their research.

Air?Liquide provides a large range of quality analytical gases that include pure gases and mixtures, plus the appropriate gas-handling equipment and services.?ALPHAGAZ??is our worldwide range of specialty mixtures and pure gases for analytical applications

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