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Meeting the demands of an urbanizing world

日日夜夜撸The percentage of the world’s population living in cities is expected to rise to a staggering 65% by 2025, up from 50% in 2000. As a result, demand for new infrastructure is going up substantially. This includes commercial and residential buildings, industrial sites, energy and transportation infrastructure. At the same time, construction companies must comply with strict environmental and safety regulations while remaining competitive.

Making construction projects easier and safer

Air?Liquide has the expertise necessary to tailor fit gas solutions to our customers’ specific requirements, regardless of the construction project. Whether working in dense urban environments or remote areas, we supply gases in a variety of modes and cylinder sizes.

Safe and easy-to-use products

At Air?Liquide we know that the safety of employees and contractors is a priority日日夜夜撸. This requires an extensive understanding of the processes and products consumed. This is how we ensure full compliance with the highest construction quality and safety standards to face zero accident.

Contributing to the performance of construction projects

ir Liquide contributes directly to the performance of construction projects with safe and connected solutions for heating, cutting and welding. No matter the size of the task at hand, we offer total gas management : our customers focus on their operations, while we focus on providing the industry’s leading gases in the most efficient supply mode. Digital tracking and monitoring are available with the Servitrax improved cylinder stock management and from our Airgas affiliates with the EZ-TRAC cylinder asset management offer.

For heating and cutting of raw building materials, we cover our customers’ needs with FLAMAL?日日夜夜撸, a range of quality gases that encompasses both oxygen and fuel gases.

Welding is also critical to the construction industry because it allows for the creation of frames and core steel and aluminum structures used in bridges, office buildings, factories and much more. Arc welding in particular provides an effective high-performance welding solution for which we offer ARCAL?, our range of ready-to-weld products for all types of welding.

To ensure the utmost in safety for construction workers, both our ARCAL? and FLAMAL? gas cylinders are equipped with EXELTOP?日日夜夜撸, our innovative line of integrated valves and caps to enhance safety and facilitate lean gas handling and management.

For large construction sites, Dynamic On-site Mixer (DOM) delivers bulk ARCAL?日日夜夜撸 products mixed on-site with the same quality and ISO/AWS compliance as Packaged Gases.

Moreover, for temporary construction projects we offer the Red-D-Arc equipment rentals and an extensive range of construction sites safety products.

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