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日日夜夜撸Air?Liquide supplies industries with innovative and cutting-edge gases, technologies and services to meet their needs. We draw on this know-how to develop coal conversion solutions that both limit the environmental impact of its use as an energy source and create gases essential for the manufacturing of higher added-value products.

Gasification at a glance

Coal gasification is the process to chemically transform coal into syngas instead of burning the fossil fuel. The syngas in then transformed into value-added products like fuels, chemical products or synthetic natural gas. Air?Liquide ensures the supply of oxygen in large quantities to meet the needs of its customers.

日日夜夜撸Gasification uses coal chemistry to create value from this raw material above and beyond its use as an energy resource. Coal is widely available and affordable around the globe, especially in emerging countries. As such, it is a pillar resource, supporting economic and social development both as a primary energy vector and a raw material.

Air separation unit operated by Air Liquide in China.

Our gas solutions

Air?Liquide supplies oxygen over the fence to industrial actors around the world. Our air separation units (ASUs) produce the large quantities of oxygen necessary to gasify coal.

Air?Liquide ASUs use our latest technologies to compress, liquefy and distill air to separate it into oxygen, nitrogen and rare gases. Not only are they highly reliable but also create substantial energy efficiencies.

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