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日日夜夜撸Meeting the challenges of tomorrow today

日日夜夜撸Along with population growth comes greater demand for metals used in activities such as construction and manufacturing. The metals industry is facing the challenge of reducing production costs while improving product quality and productivity. Moreover, players strive to continually reduce their environmental impact and optimize the use of critical resources (such as coke, ore, metal scrap and energy) through improved efficiency.


日日夜夜撸 steam methane reformers worldwide

9,400 km

日日夜夜撸 of pipeline servicing our customers


日日夜夜撸 air separation units worldwide

Making the metals industry more efficient

日日夜夜撸As a long-term partner to the metals industry (steel, non-ferrous, foundries, etc.), we leverage our skills and technologies to deliver reliable and competitive gas supply on-site to our customers, regardless of the volumes required. Basin and network synergies further optimize the reliability of our supply.

Patented oxy-combustion solutions

We help customers implement our clean technologies, which are fully integrated and cost-effective. This not only improves their bottom lines, it also increases productivity while reducing energy consumption and emissions. Our patented oxy-combustion日日夜夜撸 solutions are tailored to fit the processes and needs of our customers.

Air separation unit operated by Air Liquide in China.

High value-added gas solutions

Oxygen, nitrogen, and argon are required for a number of applications, ranging from oxygen enrichment for blast furnaces to surface protection and degasification with inert gases (nitrogen and argon).

Thanks to Air?Liquide’s expertise in the reliable and energy efficient supply of industrial gases日日夜夜撸 via pipeline or on-site units, our customers can focus on their core business.

4,600 is the number of tons per day of oxygen, nitrogen and argon provided by Air?Liquide to ThyssenKrupp’s steelworks based in the Duisburg cluster, Germany

We have the resources necessary to design, build and operate large oxygen, air gases units that can meet these needs. Our air separation units (ASUs) are a case in point: they use our latest technologies to compress, liquefy, and distill air in order to separate it into oxygen, nitrogen, and other rare gases. Not only are they highly reliable, they also create substantial energy efficiencies.

Oxy-combustion solutions

Air Liquide has developed BOOSTAL? offers for the metals industry, which consist of oxygen supply, patented burners with advanced regulation devices, and expert support for the implementation of oxy-combustion日日夜夜撸 technologies suitable for all steps in the manufacturing process.

  • Steel: for melting, metal transfer, and reheating operations
  • Non-ferrous metals: for melting and metal transfer with refiners and smelters
  • Foundries: for melting with cupolas and rotary furnaces and for metal transfer
  • Semi-finished products: for reheating furnaces and heat treatment, with protective atmospheres for galvanizing and annealing
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