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日日夜夜撸Petrochemicals are used to manufacture thousands of products people use every day. Air?Liquide guarantees its customers a safe, reliable and competitive supply of gases required for their production processes so they can focus on their core business.

Petrochemical synthesis at a glance

Petrochemical synthesis is the process whereby petroleum hydrocarbons from either petroleum or other fossil fuels like gas and coal, as well as biomass, are converted into chemical products. Air?Liquide has an extensive experience in supplying industrial gases that are vital for petrochemical synthesis. Many processes require the use of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and nitrogen in large volumes. The resulting chemicals products are then used to make thousands of synthetic products, such as textiles, plastics, rubber, fibers, fertilizers, paints, building materials and medical products.

Those gases act as reactants in the chemical process. Nitrogen is sometimes used as a reactant but mainly for its inerting properties.

Beside the industrial gases, Air?Liquide is also able to supply steam and power to its petrochemical customers, typically from cogeneration facilities.

SMR production unit, Port-Jér?me (France).

Our gas solutions

With our extensive pipeline network in the main industrial basins, our over 300?air separation units, 50?hydrogen plant and 17?cogeneration units, Air?Liquide is driving a leading position as an industrial gas supplier for the world’s chemical and petrochemical industries.

With a strong presence in Europe, Midde East, North America and Asia, Air?Liquide is best placed to bring its customers the most cost-effective and reliable solutions.

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