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Delivering reliable and tailored assistance

At Air?Liquide, we strive to find the best way to meet each customer’s needs. In response to their diverse requirements, our teams offer a full spectrum of services. We select the best gas and supply options. We design, build and manage gas supply and installations to the point of use. Finally we provide process expertise to enhance productivity, product quality and meet higher safety standards.

Making gas work best for our customers

In order to help our clients focus on their core business, Air?Liquide makes it easier for our customers to manage gas. We share our safety experience because we know that handling and using gases requires specific skills. To raise awareness of gas risk management we provide workforce training so that all employees can use our products safely.

Helping our clients to better manage their logistics and stocks

We propose integrated customer installations, financed and operated by Air?Liquide plus a full range of gas handling equipment and distribution systems at the point of use on their individual manufacturing process.

In addition, we help our clients to better manage their logistics and stocks, through:

  • Optimized inventory management and cylinder tracking
  • Automatic re-ordering and tank-level monitoring for bulk supply using sell powered wireless telemetry units
  • Tele-monitored performance tracking for on-site gas generation

To complete our offer we supply 24/7 assistance and express ordering, depending on country availability.

Servitrax: the bar codes on every cylinder enable customers to track and manage their use, status, and location.

Local support

日日夜夜撸To meet to specific needs, Air?Liquide can take care of all the gas management. We provide on-site specialists dedicated to one or several customers. They deal with every detail of stock management, ordering and handling to help our clients respect their budgets and free them from gas management.

Our specialists work under the strictest safety rules. For example, they follow protocols to transport cylinders or liquid rangers between departments on the same site. They check expiration dates and verify full capacity of gas handling equipment like pressure regulators, manifolds or flow meters.

Our local customer support guarantees clients full management of their gas activity. ?

Going beyond gases to improve process performance

Air?Liquide has a cumulative experience of gas properties and applications. With proven industry knowledge, we can advice our customers on enhancing performance and efficiency in gas use. We rely on our global network of application experts, engineering and R&D teams日日夜夜撸 to provide the optimum solution for a given need.

日日夜夜撸Our people are committed in helping our clients optimize their processes through on-site audits, performance tracking as well as solutions design and commissioning.

We can advice our customers on enhancing performance and efficiency in gas use.

Temporary and emergency gas services

Air?Liquide is ready to provide temporary or emergency gas supply, at very specific conditions:

  • When our clients need to ensure continued production during a maintenance period
  • For certain short-term needs such as purging, blanketing, cooling or freezing
  • During peak demand seasons when our customers need an increased supply to boost production or to complete an order

Our capacity and commitment to service allows us to adapt to any last minute, logistically challenging situation and respond with dedicated support.

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