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The magazine of the Air?Liquide Group | Open innovation

日日夜夜撸Inventiveness, collective intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit… Co-construction accelerates innovation to bring concrete answers to respond to society’s big challenges.

Improving air quality of a railway station in Paris
Open innovation  | August 02, 2019
Improving the air quality of a railway station in Paris
Open innovation  | July 22, 2019

Air Liquide and Techstars: detecting and accelerating

日日夜夜撸 In April 2017, Air Liquide entered into a partnership with the U.S. start-up accelerator Techstars. Launched in 2007 in Colorado, this accelerator partners with large companies to select and support start-ups that teach them their agile and focused working method in return. Techstars has served as a springboard for over 1,500 projects.

Open innovation  | May 17, 2019

VivaTech 2019: celebrating Tech4Good

Air Liquide was present at VivaTech with a booth located at heart of the Hall of Tech. Health, green tech, food, safety, and employee integration: a great opportunity to discover the potential of Tech4Good (innovation for the common good) by testing the technologies developed by four start-ups, partners of Air Liquide, and by experiencing numerous pitches given by Group experts, start-ups and partners.

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"Open Innovation, a key to transforming customer experience"

Beno?t Potier
Chairman & CEO
Open innovation  | April 16, 2019

Paris Innovation Campus: collective intelligence to match customers' needs

Air Liquide’s R&D experts work hand in hand with the business teams. Aude Bertrandias, an engineer at the Paris Innovation Campus, and Benjamin Fillion, Biomethane Operations and Projects director in the United Kingdom, tell us how they work together to optimize the production of clean energy derived from organic matter. This example of cooperation shows how diversity of view points is a source of collective intelligence that accelerates innovation to serve the customer.

innovation Campus Paris Saclay collective intelligence open innovation
Open innovation  | December 20, 2018

Start-ups: accelerating innovation together

In a rapidly changing world, detecting customers’ needs is key to anticipate products and services that will meet their challenges—whether they be to gain efficiency, improve the user experience or reduce the environmental impact of their activities.This is the reason why Air Liquide collaborates with more than 100 start-ups around the world, across all its businesses.

Open innovation  | October 10, 2018

Paris Innovation Campus: open to the innovation ecosystems

Located on the Plateau de Saclay in France, the Paris Innovation Campus includes Air Liquide’s largest Research and Development Center. Inaugurated in September 2018, this flagship for the Group’s innovation is, by design, customer centric, open to innovation ecosystems, and favorable to collaboration – as early as next year it will host a deep-tech start-up incubator.

Open innovation  | May 03, 2018

Additive manufacturing: a bridge to the future

日日夜夜撸 A stainless steel walkway designed by several robots equipped with welding arms... This is the technological prowess of the project known as "MX3D" that will soon span one of Amsterdam's canals: a world first!

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