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Bringing the best for analysis and cryogenic needs

Air Liquide is a key partner and supplier for both private and public laboratories, research centers, large-scale scientific facilities and R&D departments. Our customers doing research, testing and measurement in fields such as electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and aeronautics expect us to have a high level of expertise, on par with their own. They look for our teams to be proactive in anticipating their needs and developing innovative, smart solutions tailored to their research. In addition, we have to deliver the products with a minimal delay as researchers are constantly seeking to minimize time to market.

ALPHAGAZ?, premium specialty gases for analytical applications

With over 30 years experience in the analytical field, our ALPHAGAZ? products offer undisputable accuracy and traceability, with a complete yet simple range of the most commonly requested purity levels for pure gases.

  • ALPHAGAZ? 1 pure gases are ideal for most analytic and process control applications, for the accuracy of analysis from % to 10 ppm
  • ALPHAGAZ? 2 pure gases exhibit the absolute lowest impurity levels available in the industry, for high accuracy of analysis ppm to ppb

All our products are made to guarantee high accuracy and repeatability to your analysis. ALPHAGAZ? pure gases cylinders benefit from our exclusive SMARTOP? valve, a residual pressure valve equipped with an on/off lever and a permanent pressure gauge. Our customer service teams are easy-to-access and totally engaged, ready to support you from assessing the right product to using it in the lab.

We also offer a complete and dedicated range of gas handling equipment (including regulators, manifolds etc.).?

Our customer service teams are easy-to-access and totally engaged, ready to support you from assessing the right product to using it in the lab.

Calibration gas mixtures

Leveraging on decades of expertise with specialty gases, Air Liquide addresses the mixture markets with high purity calibration mixtures, available on catalogue or designed on request for specific requirements. Our products combine from 2 to 40 components, with accuracy ranging from % to ppb, covering a high range of analytical needs, more especially for the automotive, environment and oil日日夜夜撸 industries.

All our mixtures, including ALPHAGAZ?,?Scott? and CALGAZ?日日夜夜撸 ranges, are produced worldwide with standardized in-house mixing units and delivered with top certificates.

Mastering extreme cold

日日夜夜撸We also supply customized solutions in mechanical cold production, liquefaction, storage and distribution of cryogenic fluids at very low temperatures:

  • HELIAL? helium refrigerators can provide cooling power from 100 W to 1 kW at 4.5K for various applications (synchrotron,?cyclotron, accelerator,?simulation chamber?etc.)
  • HELIAL? helium liquefiers can provide liquid helium at 4.5K at flow rates varying from 15 to 300 L/H for applications (superconductivity, nanotechnology,?biology, quantum physics etc.)
  • The HYLIAL? range focuses on hydrogen liquefaction with an helium loop that can supply between 600 and 1,500 L/H of liquid hydrogen
  • Turbo-Brayton cryogenic systems ensure refrigeration and liquefaction from 25K to 200K

Air Liquide teams support its customers throughout the various stages of their installation project: design, start-up, operation, maintenance and services.

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