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Become a shareholder

日日夜夜撸One share, two options

Becoming an Air Liquide shareholder is about more than simply buying shares. It is also about benefiting from the expertise of a dedicated team and receiving personalized and informative help to learn more about the stock market and the share. At Air Liquide, one share is all it takes to become a shareholder.

There are two different ways of buying one or more Air Liquide shares:

  • Either from your financial institution
  • Directly from Air Liquide

Want to become a shareholder?日日夜夜撸 To open a direct registered account and buy Air Liquide share(s), we invite you to follow the steps right below.

1. Download, fill-out and sign

日日夜夜撸You must fill out and sign two copies of each of the following:

2. Complete your application

日日夜夜撸To complete your application, you must attach the following for each shareholder, joint shareholder, legal representative or proxy:

  • A photocopy of both sides of a piece of ID (identity card or passport) or, for a minor, a photocopy of the family register
  • A photocopy of a household bill (electricity or landline phone bill)
  • A bank identity certificate issued by your bank

3. Send your completed application

Finish the process by posting your fully completed application and supporting documentation to Air Liquide Shareholder Services at the following address:

Air Liquide
Shareholder Services
75, quai d’Orsay TSA 70737
75329 Paris CEDEX 07

Once your shareholder account created, your shareholder ID will be sent to you by Shareholder Services

4. Place your stock order

At the opening of your application: Complete buy order and include it to your application with a SEPA direct debit mandate form(a) duly completed, or, a deposit check for 80% of the total amount of your share purchase made payable to Air Liquide (check will be cashed when order is fulfilled).

On Internet: ?Once your shareholder account created, you could place an order on your personal Account, ?and thus benefit from a reduced brokerage rate of 0.10% before tax instead of 0.18% before tax for purchases paid in full by SEPA automatic debit(a) or by bank card(b). Create your personal Account日日夜夜撸 by entering the Shareholder ID sent to you by Shareholder Services and follow the instructions.

(a) Only if the account is domiciled in the SEPA zone.
(b) For purchases below €3,000. ?

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please call our advisors who will give you all the information you need to complete your application. If you are calling from France, dial 0 800 166 179 (toll free). If you are calling from outside France, dial +33 1 57 05 02 26.

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