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Manage your shares in just 3 clicks

日日夜夜撸Direct registered shareholder, your personal online Account help you manage your Air Liquide share portfolio easily and securely.

Direct registered shareholders

日日夜夜撸Direct registered shareholders you can:?

  • Place buy or sell orders 24/7?and benefit from a reduced brokerage rate of 0.10% before tax (subject to having signed an account agreement with Air Liquide)
  • Check your account documents (account status, Tax Reporting Form, etc.) in your online library
  • View your dividend amount and your transaction history in real time
  • Validate online your request for exemption from the advance withholding on dividends

Registered shareholders

Registered shareholders you can access your account to:?

  • Check your share portfolio and your eligibility for the loyalty bonus
  • Access your personal information directly
  • Ask to receive your Invitation to the Annual General Meeting by email
  • Vote on the Annual General Meeting resolutions

First-time users, enter the Shareholder ID listed on the account documents sent to you by Shareholder Services and follow the online instructions.

日日夜夜撸Factsheet - Your personal online account

PDF - 108.12 KB

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