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Stock orders

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日日夜夜撸When you hold shares that are registered directly with Air Liquide, you can place your stock market orders via your personal online Account (subject to have signed an account agreement), and thus benefit from a reduced brokerage rate of 0.10% before tax instead of 0.18% before tax for purchases paid in full by SEPA automatic debit (if the account is domiciled in the SEPA zone) or by bank card (for purchases below €3,000), as well as for sales.

How can I buy shares?

As a registered or bearer shareholder?日日夜夜撸you can buy your shares from your financial institution. Your Air Liquide shares are placed in a securities account or a share savings plan and managed by your financial institution.

As a direct registered shareholder, you can place an order:

  • From your personal Account, as long as you have a valid account agreement
  • By phone - call 0 800 166 179 (toll-free if you are calling from France) or +33 1 57 05 02 26 if you are calling from another country
  • By post to Shareholder Services at the following address (accompanied by a photocopy of ID)

Air Liquide
Shareholder Services
75, Quai d'Orsay
TSA 70737 ?
75329 PARIS CEDEX 07 ?

Choosing the right stock order

日日夜夜撸To trade on the stock exchange, you can place an order with your regular financial intermediary or directly with Air Liquide if you are a direct registered shareholder. The most frequently used stock orders are as follows:

"Limit price"?order

You set a maximum buy or minimum sell order (limit). The buy order is executed only when the market price is lower than or equal to this limit and the sell order when the market price is higher than or equal to this limit. The order may be partially executed if the quantity of negotiable shares on the market is not available at the set limit price.

"Best price"?order

日日夜夜撸You did not specify an exact price. The order will be executed at the best price available when it reaches the market, for both buy and sell orders. The order may be partially executed if the quantity of negotiable shares on the market is not available at this best price.

"Market price"?order

There is no price limit on this order. This order is given priority over all other types of orders. It is fully executed.

日日夜夜撸Factsheet - Stock orders

日日夜夜撸PDF - 119.46 KB

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